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The Meaning Behind "The Shelf"

The Shelf is a project dedicated to sharing a movie worth your time with a brief review every week in an effort to help expand everyone's proverbial movie shelf.

The shelf is in essence a library of a critically significant film recommendations from a consistent voice that can now be on your radar. This is my own personal shelf, but I implore others to share their shelves with each other in day to day life.

Movies are an excellent tool to convey meaning, ideas, and emotion that may otherwise be difficult to express or experience in a safe and healthy manner. This site is for all of those that are vigilant in their search for new quality material to add to their repertoire, or even newcomers to the area of high-praise cinema that are looking for a starting point.

I hope you enjoy the ever expanding shelf, and feel free to take a recommendation and return with your thoughts.

I do not own any of the licensed images associated with the movies I review. I display each films promotional artwork in accordance with the fair use act in an effort to create transformative critiques

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